Focus on Microscopy, March 29 - April 1, 2015, Göttingen, Germany… more

Electrons Move in Different Circles - Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Reveals the Exotic Properties of an Unusual Type of Electron (Image: © 2014 Tetsuo Hanaguri, Riken)… more

Third Harmonic Generation Microscopy - Label-free 3D-tissue Imaging and Blood Flow Characterization… more

Deep Dive in Multiphoton Imaging - Multiphoton Imaging Enters New Areas of Bio-Science… more

X-Ray Laser Imaging: Visualizing Bacterial Cell Organelles

An international team of scientists led by Uppsala University has developed a high-throughput method of imaging biological particles using an X-ray ...

Focus on Microscopy 2015

After the successful FOM2014 conference held in Sydney, Australia this year, it is a pleasure to announce FOM2015, the next Focus on Microscopy ...

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy: Electrons Move in Different Circles

The unusual properties of electrons responsible for the exotic conduction states on the surface of a class of materials known as topological ...

Imaging Companies in Europe Get Closer to Life Scientists

Leading imaging companies Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, FEI, Olympus, SVI and Photometrics announced that for the first time they jointly founded an open ...

Zeiss MultiSEM 505: Revolutionize the Speed of Electron Microscopy

Zeiss will introduce the world's fastest scanning electron microscope (SEM) to an international audience at this year's Neurosience in Washington, ...

Direct Time-Resolved FLIM and FCS Data Acquisition

PicoQuant and Nikon have introduced a software integration that revolutionizes FLIM and FCS data acquisition. ...

New Compact White Light LED Source – X-Cite 110LED

The new X-Cite 110LED is a compact, white light LED source for fluorescence imaging applications.Providing excitation for DAPI, GFP, mCherry, Cy5 and ...

Filter Sets for LED Light Sources

Impressing long life stability up to 20.000 hours with very low noise (peak to peak noise 2% for 24 hours operation) are a special pro in favour of ...

Deep Dive in Multiphoton Imaging

In the past decade, Multiphoton Excited Fluorescence (MPEF) has firmly established itself as a major imaging technique for biological sciences. MPEF ...

Compare and Contrast: Contrast Methods in Industrial Inspection Microscopy

As emerging digital imaging technologies become ever more popular within material inspection and quality control, it can sometimes be challenging to ...


Confocal laser scanning microscopes (CLMs) are renowned for their sectioning capability. This feature is enabled by the use of pinhole, which rejects ...

Third Harmonic Generation Microscopy

Label-Free 3D-Tissue Imaging and Blood Flow Characterization

Third Harmonic Generation (THG) microscopy is a non-fluorescent multi-photon technique that combines the advantages of label-free imaging with ...

Label-Free Cell Imaging

The Use of Ptychography for Quantitative Label-Free Live Cell Imaging

The Imaging and Cytometry Laboratory at the University of York [1] provides a facility committed to bringing state of the art technology to ...

New Fluorescence Probes for Live-Cell Imaging

Visualizing the Cytoskeleton with SiR-based Probes

We review here a new generation of far-red fluorescent probes for live-cell imaging, which are based on a novel cell-permeable silicon rhodamine ...

Light Sheet Illumination on a Chip

Enabling Diagnostic Measurements of Vesicles in Biofluids

Cell-derived membrane vesicles (MVs) that are released in body fluids, like blood or saliva, are potential biomarkers for diseases, such as cancer. ...

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