MC 2015: Microscopy Conference - Göttingen, Germany, Sep 6-11, 2015 (Image: Fotolia)… more

OM - SEM/EDS - µFT-IR Synergy - Rapid Palette Identification of Paintings Cross-sections… more

Super-Resolution Microscopy; Revealing the Link Between Genome Packaging and Cell Pluripotency… more

Cells Target Giant Protein Crystals for Degradation (Image: RIKEN)… more

MC 2015: Microscopy Conference - Göttingen, Germany, Sep 6-11, 2015

The Microscopy Conference 2015 (MC 2015) is organized by the German Society for Electron Microscopy e. V. (DGE). MC 2015 is a comprehensive source of ...

2-Photon Microscopy: Winfried Denk and Three Colleagues Honored with the Brain Prize

2-Photon Microscopy: In order to fully understand structure and function of the brain, individual nerve cells and their activity must be made ...

SALVE Project Research Collaboration: FEI Joins University of Ulm and CEOS

SALVE Project Research Collaboration: FEI has entered into an agreement with Germany's University of Ulm and Heidelberg-based company CEOS to develop ...

Read & Win: A Comprehensive Text Book on Modern Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy - From Principles to Biological Applications: Hardly any other technology has had more influence on modern cell biology than ...

PCO Provides the World’s Widest Range of sCMOS-cameras

With the addition of two new models, PCO now provides eight sCMOS-cameras, one for almost every application. The new pco.edge 3.1 and pco.edge 4.2LT ...

iXon Ultra 888: World’s Fastest Megapixel Back-illuminated EMCCD

The highly innovative iXon Ultra 888 is the world's fastest Megapixel, Back-illuminated EMCCD camera, offering exceptional frame rates and single ...

There is No Other AFM Like a Cypher

Asylum Research Cypher AFMs are in a class of their own. Our scientists and engineers optimized every design choice for the highest resolution, ...

Zeiss LSM 800: A Compact Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

Zeiss has introduced Zeiss LSM 800, a compact confocal laser scanning microscope for high-end confocal imaging. With highly sensitive GaAsP detector ...

Scientists Like it Fast

In point of care diagnostics, the so called "Lab-on-a-Chip" devices proved that they have huge advantages compared to normal large scale ...

A Perfect Match

Capturing and documenting a true-to-life representation of your sample is an important aspect of microscopy, achieved using the digital camera. ...

Olympus` FluoView FV10i: Tackling Diabetes with Confocal Microscopy

Research efforts addressing the global challenge of Diabetes Mellitus are very much dependent on applying advanced microscopy technologies, but such ...

OM - SEM/EDS - µFT-IR Synergy

Rapid Palette Identification of Paintings Cross-Sections

Microscopy represents a fundamental method for cultural heritage materials research and it is essential for paintings cross-sections investigation. ...

Subsurface Imaging of Soft Matter by AFM

Depth Modulation and Compositional Mapping by Trimodal AFM

In recent years, a variety of dynamic force microscopy techniques have been developed to obtain surface compositional contrast and extract material ...

Heterodyne Force Microscopy

Nondestructive Subsurface Characterization on the Nanoscale

It has always been a desire in microscopy to non-destructively image below a surface. The introduction of ultrasound in a scanning probe microscope ...

Highly Automated Live Cell Imaging

Modular Software Speeds Up Development of Analysis Workflows

Live cell imaging is becoming an important tool in pharmaceutical research. Automated microscopy and image analysis are used to study, for example, ...

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