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Renishaw GmbH - Company Profile

Distributor, Manufacturer

Renishaw GmbH
Karl-Benz-Straße 12
72124 Pliezhausen

Tel:   +4971279810

Renishaw manufactures a wide range of optical spectroscopy products, including: Raman microscopes, compact process monitoring Raman spectrometers, Raman analysers for scanning electron microscopes, lasers for spectroscopy, and state-of-the-art cooled CCD detectors.
The Renishaw Raman systems exploit the Raman effect to identify and characterise the chemistry and structure of materials in a non-contacting, non-destructive manner.

Product Showcases
inVia – the most Flexible Raman Microscope for Research Applications

inVia – the most Flexible Raman Microscope for Research Applications

Renishaw's inVia Raman microscopes are high-performing spectrometers that combine simple operation with maximum sensitivity and unique flexibility.
High-resolution confocal measurements (both spectral and spatial) are enabled with the integration of research-grade optical microscopes. This ultra-high performance is further enhanced by multiple laser support with software-controlled motorised switching between excitation wavelengths.

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