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Imaging & Microscopy, 2/2005 part 2 - now available online

Oct. 11, 2011

Winner of "Image-Pro In Action" Contest 2004

Ibidi and Nanion Cooperating

Definiens and Cenix BioScience: Licensing and Co-Marketing Agreement

PicoQuant: move to Berlin, Adlershof

Carl Zeiss Purchases P.A.L.M. Microlaser

Evotec Technologies GmbH (ET): Acquisition of uHTS Business

Nanotechnology-Forum Co-sponsored by Molecular Imaging

BFi OptiLas and Southampton Photonics: Pan-European Distribution Agreement

High-Performance Biological Imaging

Carl Zeiss SMT - Nano Technology Systems Division has appointed Carl Zeiss SA, Spain as their new distributor

Preview: Microscopy Conference 2005

Location Proteomics: Providing Critical Information for Systems Biology

Use of Microscopy for Identification of Complex MC, M2C, M7C3, M6C and M23C6 Carbides in High Speed Steels

Fei Company: Nova NanoSEM

Self-Contained Imaging Platform

AnalySis FilterInspector (Residue Analysis)

Ibidi: Live Cell Imaging (cell culturing and high resolution microscopy on one and the same slide)

UV-Laser Confocal Microscopy

Preparation protocol for multimodal imaging of biological tissue samples by light and electron microscopy

High Resolution Imaging and Chemical Characterization of Heterogeneous Materials

Interferometer-Based AFM for Measuring with Small Cantilevers

Biological Applications of Scanning Probe Microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy: biological applications and imaging methods

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