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International Micrograph Competition

Deadline for Entries is Midnight GMT 14th March

Mar. 04, 2010
1st place in 2008 in the EM Materials category was awarded to David McCarthy & Annie Cavanagh for their micrograph entitled Physical Science - Pharmaceutical Drug delivery Polymer (polymethacrylic acid and the corticosteroid drug prednisolone).
1st place in 2008 in the EM Materials category was awarded to David McCarthy & Annie Cavanagh for ... more

The Royal Microscopy Society's biennial International Micrograph Competition has been launched. This highly respected event will culminate with winners being announced on 30th June at Microscience 2010. As always, there will be stunning prizes on offer, and the companies that donate them can be very imaginative. This year, one lucky winner will receive a diamond. Yes, a diamond! In addition there are "must-have" consumer electronics, such as cameras and iPods, and cash prizes. The winning images will appear in infocus - the Society's glossy magazine for members - and selected entries will appear on the front cover. In addition they will be featured in Imaging & Microscopy, providing great exposure for the successful entrants.
"This competition goes way beyond "coffee table" pictures and this makes it special," adds Professor Chris Hawes, a former President of the Society and previous competition judge. "We look for images that have a scientific quality as well as aesthetic appeal. This provides us with truly eye-catching displays. We are sure that this year will generate another crop of entries and it is going to be a difficult task to pick the winners."
The competition has four categories; Light Microscopy - Life, Light Microscopy - Materials, Electron Microscopy - Life, and Electron Microscopy - Materials. The short-listed entries will be on view throughout Microscience 2010.
The closing date for entries is 14th March 2010. Full details, and terms and conditions of entry are available on the Microscience 2010 website.

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