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Princeton Instruments Launches EMCCD Camera for Spectroscopy

ProEM 1600

Feb. 01, 2011
ProEM 1600 EMCCD Camera
ProEM 1600 EMCCD Camera more

Princeton Instruments introduced a EMCCD camera solution for spectroscopy applications. The ProEM:1600 camera features 16 micron pixels in both 1600 x 200 and 1600 x 400 formats. It utilizes eXcelon technology which reduces the interference fringes that have made back-thinned EMCCDs unusable in the NIR regions.

The camera has a high-speed, electron-multiplying (EM) mode capable of capturing fast dynamics as well as a traditional CCD mode that delivers ultralow read noise for high-precision photometry. The camera's 6.67 MHz readout rate and 1.5 µs vertical shift time allow acquisition rates of over 3000 spectra per second, outpacing any other available spectroscopy-format EMCCD camera by more than 2x.

The main applications for the ProEM:1600 EMCCD camera are single-molecule spectroscopy, confocal Raman spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging.

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