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Scanning and Transmission

Oct. 12, 2009
E. A. Fischione Instruments, Model 1030
E. A. Fischione Instruments, Model 1030 more

E. A. Fischione Instruments has introduced new products for scanning and transmission electron microscopy sample preparation. The Model 1030 Automated Sample Preparation System (ASaP) for scanning electron microscopy samples, incorporates plasma cleaning, ion beam etching (IBE), reactive ion etching (RIE), and ion beam sputter coating (IBSC) in one integrated package. The system allows final artefact-free preparation of samples that have been created by cleaving, grinding, cutting or sectioning. The Model1040 NanoMill is specifically focusing on post FIB lamella processing to produce a sample free of Ga and amorphous regions. It incorporates an ultra-low-energy, concentrated argon ion beam which can be rastered across the sample while imaging the secondary electron image.

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