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Backscattered Electrons

Ultra plus
Oct. 11, 2009

Ultra plus

Ceramics, polymers, fibre optics and many more samples are not really rewarding specimens for electron microscopy, due to electrostatic charging. Ultra plus Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with a technology for charge compensation enables high resolution, stable and noise-free images from such samples. This technological advancement was developed for satisfying increasing customer demands in analytical research, development and testing of advanced materials. more
Jul. 01, 2007

Scintillation Detector for LV- SEM

Scintillation Detector for LV- SEM: P. Wandrol introduces a new scintillation detector of backscattered electrons that is capable of working at primary beam energy as low as 0.5 keV. Low energy backscattered electrons are accelerated in order to generate a sufficient number of photons. Secondary electrons are deflected back by the energy filter so that the true compositional contrast of the specimen is obtained. The author presents the theoretical models of the detector function and first demonstration images. J. Micros. 227 (1) 24-29 more
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