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Andor Introduces Differential Spinning Disk Uni
Sep. 23, 2011

Andor Introduces Differential Spinning Disk Uni

Andor Technology has introduced the Differential Spinning Disk (DSD) Uni. The DSD Uni brings with it the ability to add a confocal unit to almost any fluorescence microscope, upright or inverted, irrespective of manufacturer. more
Apr. 28, 2011

Structured Illumination Microscopy Introduced By Geraint Wilde from Andor

Dr. Geraint Wilde, Applications Engineer from Andor Technology explains the new structured illumination microscope, which extends the capabilities of classical multi-color fluorescence wide-field or confocal microscopic systems.   more
Point into Confocal Microscopy
Mar. 03, 2010

Point into Confocal Microscopy

High performance confocal microscopy can now be achieved using a white light source. This follows the launch by Andor Technology of Revolution DSD, a fully integrated system based on a Differential Spinning Disk optical system working in conjunction with an high sensitivity, Interline CCD camera Clara and controlled by an IQ work station.
Using white light, as opposed to lasers, significantly cuts the cost and brings this form of microscopy within the budget of far more potential users, particularly as this compact solution will fit the side port of any microscope. more
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