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Apr. 28, 2011

Structured Illumination Microscopy Introduced By Geraint Wilde from Andor

Dr. Geraint Wilde, Applications Engineer from Andor Technology explains the new structured illumination microscope, which extends the capabilities of classical multi-color fluorescence wide-field or confocal microscopic systems.   more
Scientific Images
Nov. 01, 2008

Scientific Images

During the last decade microscopy has gone through a series of major improvements. The demand of microscopy technique has increased a lot and has brought the limits in optical resolution of light microscopes, as described by Ernst Abbe, to be extended by new technologies like 4Pi, STED [3], deconvolution and others. Scientists want to resolve small compartments and structures within a cell and but at the same time need to visualize a large field of view to be able to understand the complexity of biological organisms. more
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