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Laser Systems for Biophotonic Applications

Presented By Thomas Renner from Toptica Photonics

Jun. 07, 2011

In regard to the intrinsic properties like precise wavelength selection, widest wavelength coverage, highest focussability, strong power densities and broad spectrum of excitation periods make lasers to important tool in biophotonics applications. But which laser is the right one?

iBeam smart
A high-performance, ultra-reliable and compact diode laser system.

FemtoFiber pro
A ultrafast fiber laser which combines picosecond laser pulses that are tunable from 488 nm to 640 nm and femtosecond pulses at 780 nm or tunable from 980 nm to 1400 nm. .

iChrome MLE
A Multi Laser Engine with up to three diode lasers and one DPSS Laser

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