Apr. 05, 2016

Abstracts and Supplementary Material for the Chapters

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On this page you will find the abstracts to all chapters of the book Bioimage Data Analysis, edited by Kota Miura.

Please find a zipped archive of the material for all chapters here.

Chapter 2:

Bioimage Analysis Tools


Chapter 3: 

ImageJ Macro Language


Chapter 4: 

Introduction to Matlab


Chapter 5:

 FISH Spot Detection in Human Spermatozoids


Chapter 6:

Analysis of Microtubule Orientation


Chapter 7:

Quantitative Evaluation of Multicellular Movements in Drosophila Embryo


Chapter 8:

Cell Polarity - Focal Adhesion and Actin Dynamics in Migrating Cells


Chapter 9:

Tumor Blood Vessels: 3-D Tubular Network Analysis


Chapter 10:

3D Quantitative Colocalization Analysis


The complete book can be downloaded (after registration) here.





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