May. 18, 2011

Advanced Flexible Microscopy with Olympus Microscope Systems

The Olympus BX3 upright microscope systems for research applications consist of the BX53, a flexible microscope with coded and automated modules, and the BX63 advanced automated system. Users can essentially build a system specifically designed to meet their needs. A workspace can be tailored - from the positioning of hardware and controls through to the customisable cellSens software tools.

All BX3 upright microscopy systems are designed to provide users with the flexibility to combine the optical components, camera, software suite, and controls to create the suitable system for their application. As such, these microscope systems are built by scientists needs and being fully modular and upgradable, are inherently future proof. The motorised BX3 microscope platform comes to the fore when using the cellSens software to control complex imaging processes such as multiple image alignment (MIA), multi-position, or z-stack acquisition. The customisable control of the BX3 microscope systems continues seamlessly with the cellSens software, including customisable tool placement and user-definable workflows.

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