Jun. 08, 2008

Basics of Light Microscopy & Imaging

  • Basics of Light Microscopy & ImagingBasics of Light Microscopy & Imaging

Special Edition of Imaging & Microscopy

In this wide-ranging review, Olympus microscopy experts draw on their extensive knowledge and many years of experience to provide readers with a highly useful and rare overview of the combined fields of microscopy and imaging. By discussing both these fields together, this review aims to help clarify and summarise the key points of note in this story. Encompassing the creation of highly detailed specimen views through to final image capture and processing, the story will also be backed up by useful insights, examples, as well as handy hints and tips along the way.

To make it easy to dip in and dip out of this comprehensive overview, the review is clearly structured into several chapters. These take the reader from explanations of the physics of light, colour and resolution, through details of contrast and fluorescence techniques, to finish up with discussion on 3D imaging. Highlighting and summarising key points made within this review are a series of information boxes. These also aim to provide useful insight on techniques, as well as expert advice on microscope set up.


page 2-3

Trust the Colours
page 4

The Resolving Power
page 12

Contrast and Microscopy
page 22

Shining Fluorescence Details
Page 34

3D Imaging
page 42

Contact and Acknowledgement
page 52

page 52

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