Mar. 20, 2014

blueDrive Reinvents Tapping Mode AFM for Remarkably Simple and Stable Imaging in Air and Fluids

blueDrive for Asylum Research Cypher AFMs has reinvented tapping mode for more simple, stable and accurate imaging, especially for biological samples that are typically imaged in fluid. blueDrive replaces the conventional piezoacoustic excitation mechanism and uses a blue laser to directly excite the AFM cantilever photothermally.

This results in an ideal cantilever drive response in both air and liquids which provides significant performance and ease of use benefits. blueDrive's simple setup allows clean cantilever tunes with no special probes required. blueDrive also keeps a gentle, constant force enabling imaging for hours. It is fully compatible with experiments that require controlled heating, cooling and fluid exchange. Image caption: DNA double helix imaged with the Cypher AFM with blueDrive, 120x120 nm scan.


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