Oct. 15, 2015

Chapter 10: 3D Quantitative Colocalization Analysis

  • 3D Colocalization 13D Colocalization 1
  • 3D Colocalization 1
  • 3D Colocalization 2
  • Dr. Fabrice Cordelieres
  • Dr. Chong Zhang
« Are my two proteins of interest located at the same place? ». Although this question seems easy to answer, especially knowing the recent advances in light microscopy, debate is still running about the most appropriate indicators and quantifiers to be used on images. In this chapter we illustrate the use of intensity- and object-based methods on both synthetic and genuine 3D image datasets. The reader will be guided through co-localisation evaluation by both a tutorial on how to implement the canonical, widely used, coefficients (Pearson’s, Manders’ and Spearman’s coefficients), and how to set up a full image processing pipeline when looking for colocalized 3D objects based on volume overlap.
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Imaging Data Analysis

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