Feb. 06, 2016

Chapter 4: Introduction to Matlab

  • Chapter 04: Introduction to MatlabChapter 04: Introduction to Matlab
  • Chapter 04: Introduction to Matlab
  • Dr. Cornelia Monzel
This chapter is a brief introduction to Matlab covering the most important concepts for image analysis with this software.
You will learn matrix based operations to analyze images and to visualize the results with statistical plots. 
This includes introduction to the most important programming language control statements, basic calculus as well as all the necessary image analysis commands used in the following chapters. For a step-by-step understanding of the software several small exercises are proposed. 
The book containing this chapter is now available. If you would like to download the book free of charge, click here.
The material used in this chapter is available from the "Read Whitepaper" link next to the picture on top of this article.
Questions and Answers:
Q: Where can I find the material for this chapter?
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Imaging Data Analysis

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