Oct. 15, 2015

Chapter 5: FISH Spot Detection in Human Spermatozoids

  • FISH Spot Detection in Human Spermatozoids 1FISH Spot Detection in Human Spermatozoids 1
In this chapter we will detect spots (chromosomes) inside a larger structure (spermatozoid).  The dataset has four channels that we will split and process - initially by hand and then we will create macros of increasing complexity that performs all of the steps automatically. You will learn how to work with image masks, analyse particles, apply watershed segmentation, and create color-coded overlay images that illustrate the results of the image analysis
The book containing this chapter is now available. The download is available here.
The material used in this chapter is available from the "Read Whitepaper" link next to the picture on top of this article.
Questions and Answers:
Q: Where can I find the supplementary material?
A: Here.
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