Dec. 02, 2013

Characterization of Geological Samples

Using Raman Imaging, AFM and TrueSurface Microscopy as Flexible Analysis Techniques

  • AFM image (Digital Pulsed Force Mode) of fossilized bacteria.AFM image (Digital Pulsed Force Mode) of fossilized bacteria.

Comprehensive investigations of geological samples can be challenging due to variations in size, shape, structure and composition. For that reason flexible analysis techniques are required which can be easily adapted to individual sample characteristics. The combination of large-area confocal Raman Imaging, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), and TrueSurface Microscopy fulfill these requirements and provide unique topographic as well as chemical information to characterize a sample three-dimensionally, underneath and at the surface in a nondestructive manner.

Experimental Setup

The experiments were performed using a WITec alpha500 RA microscope for Raman and AFM Imaging combined with the TrueSurface expansion option. The combination of all measurement modes within one microscope allows the complete imaging of the same area without moving the sample between measurements. It was not necessary to stain, fix or section the samples.



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