Apr. 01, 2007

NIBSC: Microscopy Facilities

  • Fig. 1: SEM (FEGSEM JSM 7401F)Fig. 1: SEM (FEGSEM JSM 7401F)

NIBSC: Microscopy Facilities - The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) is recognised as a leading authority in the field of biological medicines and medical applications of biotechnology. Our established role includes provision of specialist advice in quality and safety and support in response to public health threats and concerns. The imaging facility at NIBSC operates as a centralised resource. It is necessary to support all aspects of imaging at NIBSC, including: operation of the advanced imaging facilities, training of new users, consultancy on the appropriate imaging solution to the scientific question, advice on selection and maintenance of all microscopes and image capture devices from stereo-dissection microscopes, optimised for stem cell culture, to epifluorescent microscopes. The diversity of biological medicines encountered at NIBSC present unique challenges to the staff of the imaging facility, making our role as a centralised resource both challenging and rewarding.

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