Nov. 03, 2009

Optical Metrology Made Easy

Advanced Material Microscopy

Surface metrology is quickly emerging as a critical analytical technique to determine the topology of various materials. It can be used to identify corrosion, surface characterization, or to control the quality of different surfaces. Conventional methods such as profilometry, have involved the use of a stylus being dragged along the sample surface. However, this technique can be problematic; it cannot be used on certain materials, such as adhesives, and the dragging process itself may result in inaccurate data being obtained. As such, the LEXT confocal laser scanning microscope (cLSM) concept from Olympus utilizes optical metrology, enabling non-contact surface roughness measurements to be obtained. It provides high-precision 3D surface profile observations and measurements in real-time. Combining advanced optics and reliability with a user-friendly software interface.


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