Jul. 22, 2019

Park Systems AFM Scholarship Awards

Winner of the First Round 2019 of AFM Scholarship Europe Announced!

  • The Winner of the AFM Scholarship, Laura PipernoThe Winner of the AFM Scholarship, Laura Piperno

Park AFM Scholarship Awards are open to undergraduate or postdoctoral students. Through this program, Park Systems has offered assistance to many researchers around the world who qualify as Park AFM Scholars by matching them with one of thousands of nanoscience shared user facilities to perform their research using Park AFMs.

Laura, the first winner of Park AFM Scholarships 2019, and her group at the Engineering Department (Applied Electronics) use an innovative research approach, which is based on the fusion of the chemical and engineering methods to develop new generation of superconductive materials.

“My contribution to the field is to exploit my knowledge as a material chemist to design pinning strategies that fulfil requirements such as atomic substitutions/vacancies, or the synthesis and introduction of pre-formed secondary phases of the right size. This technology is to be transferred to tapes and HTS cables. This topic is a great challenge, but I think that the combination of the chemical and engineering approach to the problem could lead to great advancements in this research field, that is a fundamental part of the road towards clean fusion energy,” Laura proudly comments.

Read more about Laura’s research and how AFM is applied in her work

Park Systems invites all researchers worldwide to apply to become Park AFM Scholars and receive a research scholarship. As progress for nanotechnology research and development advances at an unprecedented rate, universities worldwide offer degrees in fields working with nanotechnology. Park Systems, world-leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopes, is offering a $500 USD monetary scholarship to promote the education of future scientists and engineers in a number of nanoscience research areas that require advanced nanoscale microscopy for sample analysis and observation and to promote shared research findings and methodologies amongst their peers.

To apply for the Park AFM Scholarship click here.



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