Mar. 03, 2015

Scientists Like it Fast

sCMOS in "Light-Sheet"-Mode Enables High-Speed Imaging

  • Scientists Like it Fast - sCMOS in "Light-Sheet"-Mode Enables High-Speed ImagingScientists Like it Fast - sCMOS in "Light-Sheet"-Mode Enables High-Speed Imaging

In point of care diagnostics, the so called "Lab-on-a-Chip" devices proved that they have huge advantages compared to normal large scale laboratories. These micro-systems are highly miniaturized, complex devices, dealing with only small volumes (a few µl) of reagents and high-throughputs (several ml/s). Consequently, they provide lower turnaround times and costs [1].

In these devices, cells, proteins and small molecules from blood and other body fluids are typically analyzed with the help of fluorescence labeling - a powerful and non-destructive way to track biological molecules. The fluorescent samples are transported in parallel to different analysis regions by pumping them in carrier solutions through micro-channels (<1 mm in diameter), enabling the analysis of a large number of cells simultaneously.
Such applications require a camera that is able to detect a weak fluorescent signal in a relatively short time. Some ultra-high-speed cameras achieve several thousand fps utilizing a charge coupled device (CCD) sensor. However, these high-speed sensors have a very low sensitivity for faint light signals and suffer from a low number of pixels (<80,000), which limits resolution.

We demonstrate the capability of the genII scientific complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (sCMOS) with rolling shutter mode for high-speed fluorescence imaging by tracking small (1 µm diameter) poly-fluorescent microspheres in a laminar flow setup. The camera has very high quantum efficiency, a high resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels and a high-speed readout mode of 100 Hz. Furthermore, the camera has an additional "light-sheet" readout mode allowing very short exposure times at high frame rates.

Read the complete article: here.

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