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More than 160 years of experience in optics has laid the foundation for pioneering electron and ion beam microscopes from the Nano Technology System (NTS) division of Carl Zeiss. Superior integration of imaging and analytical capabilities provide information beyond resolution, unlocking the best kept secrets of your sample.

Based on a broad technology portfolio we are an innovation leader in the field of particle beam-based inspection, analysis and measuring systems. Products comprise scanning and transmission electron microscopes (SEM / TEM) with ultra-high resolution, complemented by CrossBeam focused-ion beam technology designed for sub-surface 3D volumetric characterization. The new Orion Helium-Ion technology offers unrivalled opportunities for sub-nanometer imaging, depth-of-focus capabilities and new image contrast features. Focused on the needs of research and development as well as production processes and technologies in Nanotechnology - namely Materials Research and Development, Bio- and Life Sciences, Semiconductor Technology - we are serving a wide variety of industries and research institutes in academia and industry around the globe. With our highly versatile application solutions we endeavor to be your partner of choice.

Combined production, sales and service locations are located in Oberkochen (Germany), Cambridge (UK) and Peabody (USA). Distribution in France and Asia is handled via subsidiaries supplemented by a global network of more than 40 additional distributors and service teams. Regional demo centers provide you with access to our applications expertise developed in collaboration with world-class partners in industry and academia. Global customer support is provided by the Carl Zeiss group together with an extensive network of authorized dealers.

Our mission at all times: Maximum Information - Maximum Insight.


Carl Zeiss NTS GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 56
73446 Oberkochen
Phone: +49 73 64 20 44 88



Dr. Dirk Stenkamp, Managing Director Carl Zeiss NTS GmbH
Dr. Peter Fruhstorfer, Member of the Board Carl Zeiss NTS GmbH






EM: Focus Ion Beam, EM: Scanning Electron Microscopy, EM: Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy


Earth Sciences, Environment, Food Technology, Life Sciences, Material Sciences, Medical Technology, Quality Control, Semiconductor / Electronics

Regions served

Africa, Asia , Australia, Central Europe, China, EMEA, Europe, Japan, Latin America, North America


Carl Zeiss SMT Ltd
511 Coldhams Lane
CB1 3JS Cambridge
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 12 23 414166
Telefax: +44 12 23 412776
Carl Zeiss SMT SAS
27, rue des Peupliers – Batiment A
92000 Nanterre
Phone: +33 141 39 9210
Telefax: +33 141 39 92 29
Carl Zeiss SMT Inc
One Corporation Way, Peabody
01960 Massachusetts
United States of America
Phone: +1 978 826 1500
Telefax: +1 978 532-5696
Carl Zeiss SMT Pte Ltd
50 Kaki Bukit Place #04-01
415926 Singapore
Phone: +65 65 67 3011
Telefax: +65 65 67 5131

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