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The LVEM5 is the next generation of electron microscope, built on a revolutionary technology platform that combines advanced imaging with unparalleled benchtop convenience. The LV-EM is the smallest multi-mode desktop electron microscope on the market today.

The clever build of the LV-EM is it's compact, truly desktop design. It can accommodate up to 4 imagining modes (TEM, STEM, SEM, and electron diffraction) and allows for effortless transitioning between modes. The operations of the LV-EM are straightforward, and routine procedures such as column alignment don't require unreasonable effort and time. Downtime is further minimized by quick sample exchange.

Adequate contrast is a perennial challenge for higher voltage electron microscopes. Heavy metal stain application is usually required to give these microscopes something to see. Staining can add that contrast but also contributes to sample damage and the appearance of artifacts. No staining whatsoever is required with the LVEM.

Whether you observe polymers or nanoparticles, cellular complexes or nanoparticles, increasing contrast means improving results. Get to see what your samples really look like...without staining....easily and quickly...from your benchtop


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