EHD imaging GmbH


EHD imaging GmbH was founded as a private owned company (EHD Physikalische Technik) in 1993 and became a GmbH in 2001. The objective in setting up the company was to offer the customer the most innovative CCD camera products of leading providers.
EHD is serving European research laboratories, Universities and industries with all kinds of CCD/CMOS camera products, lenses and Accessories in image processing.

To improve productivity and quality in industrial environments we support the increasing demand for imaging and CCD products. Our engineers assist customers in selecting the appropriate combination of cameras, lenses and lightsources in the field of Microscopy, Machine vision, Astronomy and other scientific applications.


EHD imaging GmbH
Zum Rennplatz 15
49401 Damme
Phone: +49 5491 2090

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