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New website ( - shows the latest imaging systems for mass digitisation, multispectral examination, digital restoration and microscopical displays of artwork, reference and research sample collections as well as the latest compact optical field microscope.

'Information in Images Ltd', is based on the principle that 'simply producing an image is not enough for the professional user'. We recognize that images are valuable as a source of evidence or diagnostic information when the image is recorded with its associated data. 

Bringing the latest imaging technologies together from across the globe into one online source allows the user to see the benefits from each technique and discuss the implementation plans with a series of specialists that have both technological and applications knowledge across the collections care sector.

Imaging Systems include:
- High resolution digital image scanners for artworks using, both static and mobile configurations, in both horizontal and vertical orientations using visible, UV and IR illumination.

- Mutlispectral imaging of historical and contemporary documents to digitally restore faded and damaged text, as well as distinguishing between inks and pigments.

- High Resolution automated mass digital imaging of tray/drawer-based collections, along with metadata creation.

- Automatic microscopical scanning of slide collections, including automated slide handling and extended focus imaging.

- Zoom microscopes for the public to use in a museum, allowing safe, high resolution interactive display without the need for constant supervision.

- Compact, portable, battery operated, brightfield, optical, field microscopes that are compatible with mobile phones and DSLR cameras.

The range of imaging technologies is amazing and it is constantly being extended to include some of the most sophisticated techniques that are being developed around the world.

The site not just shows the systems, but provides the opportunity to order systems from the wide selection of niche suppliers.


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