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Leistungselektronik Jena GmbH

Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH (LEJ) is your partner for development, (contract) manufacturing as well as sales of professional products such as custom (system) power supplies, lamp- and LED-based illumination solutions as well as LED driver/ controller and custom-developed special opto-electronic and opto-mechatronic solutions. We serve applications ranging from microscopy, endoscopy, surgical microscopy, medical technology, analytical instrumentation, spectroscopy, industrial illumination and solar simulation.

Besides an extensive line of off-the-shelf electronic ballasts, ignition units, lamp housings, compact light sources and flash units the main company focus is to provide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) with custom developed sub-assemblies and systems of unique performance consisting of electronics, optics and software.

Founded in 1991 Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH built an extensive know-how in electronical and mechanical design of various scientific grade sub-assemblies and systems. Being certified according to 9001:2008 we ensure reliable development work and easy product certification worldwide.

Technical expertise paired with a thorough grasp of market needs the team of LEJ frequently proved to be the partner of choice for companies aiming to improve their overall system performance, reliability and price competitiveness.

Located in the world-known city of Jena (Thuringia), the green heart of Germany, LEJ employs well-educated senior level engineers, experienced assembly technicians and experienced senior level management while maintaining, and constantly improving, competitive engineering and manufacturing costs.

At LEJ we value our employees as the main foundation of success. You will find motivated and energetic people who think outside the box, all in order to continue the company growth and to enable our customer’s success.

Working together with Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH you can rely on a mature supply chain consisting of competitive and long-lasting partners. Leastwise annual supplier meetings and audits are conducted, documented and used to improve the cooperation as well as our product’s competitive position.

At Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH (LEJ) facilitates a modern manufacturing and assembly area. An NRTL-compliant inspection is performed and successfully accomplished twice a year.



Leistungselektronik Jena GmbH
Stockholmer Straße 5
D-07747 Jena, Thuringia
Phone: +49 3641 3530-0







EM: Accessories / Equipment, LM: Accessories / Equipment, SPM: Accessories / Equipment


Earth Sciences, Environment, Food Technology, Life Sciences, Material Sciences, Medical Technology, Quality Control, Semiconductor / Electronics

Regions served

Africa, Asia , Australia, Central Europe, China, EMEA, Europe, Japan

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