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Schaefer-Tec AG

The Schaefer Group with offices in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Romania and Poland distributes scientific instruments for nanotechnology, microtechnology, surface inspection and measuring.

Atomic force microscopes, optical profilers, tribometers, X-ray tomography as well as vacuum, gasflow, Deposition rate and magnetic field measuring instruments are represented. Product brands include: RHK, Park, Nanosurf, Mikromasch, SPIP, Mountains, Sensofar, Fogale, PhaseView, Lyncee-Tec, XRT, OCI, CETR, NanoSight, Matter, Hastings, Group3, Metrolab and Sigma.


Schaefer-Tec AG
Badimatte 21
CH-3422 Kirchberg
Phone: +41 34 423 7070

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