May. 19 - May. 23, 2019

EMAS 2019 - 16th European Workshop on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis

EMAS 2019 - 16th European Workshop on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis

The primary aim of this series of Workshops is to assess the state-of-the-art and reliability of microbeam analysis techniques.

The Workshops are organised in such a way as to maximise transfer of knowledge among the participants and to provide a comprehensive exhibition of the latest analytical equipment. The programme includes time and opportunities for participants to visit the technical exhibitions and interact with the manufacturers.

Previous Workshops in this series were held in Antwerp (1989), Dubrovnik (1991), Rimini (1993), St. Malo (1995), Torquay (1997), Konstanz (1999), Tampere (2001), Chiclana de la Frontera (2003), Florence (2005), Antwerp (2007), Gdansk (2009), Angers (2011), Porto (2013), Portorož (2015), and Konstanz (2017). They included sessions covering electron (EPMA, TEM, SEM, Auger, EELS), ion (SIMS, FIB), and nuclear (RBS, NRA) microbeam methods.

The main topics of the Sixteenth Workshop (EMAS 2019) are: electron probe microanalysis (EPMA); electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD); automated mineralogy; µ-XRF fluorescence; complementary techniques such as combined Raman and EDS, 3D SEM-EDS microanalysis, combined TEM and atom probe tomography; and materials applications of microbeam analysis. Time will also be devoted to problem orientated applications in material science, geological science, environmental studies, astrophysics, microelectronics, forensics, cultural heritage and archaeology, nanomaterials, surfaces and interfaces, catalysts, sensors, …

Round-table discussions

Our round-table discussions are panel discussions taking place at the end of each scientific session on a main topic.  They are moderated by a leading expert, assisted by the invited speakers of the corresponding session.

The idea is to stimulate the exchange of information and experience among the participants on a number of important problems in microbeam techniques.  Such activities need careful preparation, both with regard to structure and subjects.  Therefore, we would kindly request you to complete the discussion questionnaire on the on-line registration page.  If you have specific questions, these can also be mentioned in 'Other suggestions' on the questionnaire.

Brief presentations or contributions to the round-table discussions are encouraged (please contact the round-table chairperson at the beginning of the Workshop).


Poster contributions are welcome on subjects within the scope of the workshop (see Scope).  The abstracts will be refereed by the International Scientific Committee and will be published, together with the text of the invited lectures, in the Book of Tutorials and Abstracts of the workshop.

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