Aug. 23 - Aug. 28, 2020

European Microscopy Congress 2020

European Microscopy Congress 2020

The Royal Microscopical Society has been selected by the EMS and emc2020 hosting organisation SCANDEM to co-ordinate the organization and administration of the next European Microscopy Congress. The event will take place at the Bella Center in Copenhagen in August 2020.

The scientific content of emc2020 will be planned by the Scientific Organiszng Committees selected by SCANDEM and led by emc2020 Conference Chair Prof Klaus Qvortrup. These committees will be made up from members of microscopy societies all over Europe working with all techniques in both life and physical sciences. A Trade Advisory Committee will also be established to ensure the interests of exhibitors and sponsors are heard and accommodated.

Prof Klaus Qvortrup said “I’m really pleased to have the Royal Microscopical Society on-board as we start planning and preparations for emc2020. By enlisting the help of the RMS with the organisation, the Organising Committees can really focus their attention on the scientific content, ensuring the Congress addresses the most cutting-edge techniques and applications which will inevitably emerge over the next 2-3 years.”

The emc2020 Executive Organizing Committee can be found below. Section specific committees will be announced soon.

• Conference Chair: Prof Klaus Qvortrup, University of Copenhagen
• Vice Chair & Symposium Chair - Applications, Physical Sciences: Prof Jakob Birkedal Wagner, Technical University of Denmark
• Vice Chair & Symposium Chair - Tools & Techniques, Physical Sciences: Dr Marco Beleggia, Technical University of Denmark
• Vice Chair & Symposium Chair - Tools & Techniques, Life Sciences: Dr Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez, University of Gothenburg
• Vice Chair & Symposium Chair - Applications, Life Sciences: Prof Oleg Shupliakov, Karolinska Institute
• SCANDEM President: Prof. Kesara Anamthawat-Jónsson, University of Iceland
• SCANDEM Vice-President: Dr. Varpu Marjomäki, University of Jyväskylä
• RMS President: Prof Michelle Peckham, University of Leeds
• RMS Vice-President: Prof Peter Nellist, University of Oxford
• EMS Executive Board Representative: Prof Dr Josef Zweck, University of Regensburg
• EMS Executive Board Representative: Prof Dr Virginie Serin, CEMES-CNRS
• EMS Executive Board Representative: Prof Dr Christian Schöfer, Medical University of Vienna
• EMS Executive Board Representative: Dr Stefan Kuypers, JEOL (Europe)

You can register your interest in emc2020 as either a delegate or an exhibitor at the conference website.

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