Archived print edition

Imaging & Microscopy 3, 2001

Publishing Date: 16.11.2001

Bernhard Schroth
Seite 001

Electron Microscopy
Analysis of Ballpoint Pens Particle Emission
Jan Albers
Seite 04

Color for Your SEM - Fast Maps in High Quality at the Scanning Electron Microscope
Gabriele Mäurer, Gert Kommichau
Seite 07

Advanced Light Microscopy
Confocal Microscopy: 3D Structural Analysis of Non Metallic Materials
Wolfgang Jacobsen
Seite 010

Three-Dimensional Imaging of Liquid Crystals
Ivan I. Smalyukh, Sergij V. Shiyanovskii, Daniel J. Termine, Oleg D. Lavrentovich
Seite 016

In Vivo Detection of Small Sub-Surface Human Melanomas in Mice
Liem T. Vo, Jennifer C. Carrasco, Peter M. Delaney, Qiyuan Chen, Roger G. King
Seite 020

Cover Story
Polaroid Digital Microscope Cameras in Action and the New DMC2
Seite 015

Camera Technology
High dynamic CMOS Image Sensors
Martin Wäny
Seite 026

Digital Networking Camera Technology
Peter Drent
Seite 034

Product Profile
Digital Solutions for Everyone
Olympus Optical
Seite 036

Digital Management of Images and Information - Archiving, Processing and Documentation
Holger Dietz
Seite 055

Removing Limitations
Stephen McJonathan
Seite 040

System Integration in Image Analysis Microscopy - Part 1: Man and software
Frank Sieckmann
Seite 042

Image Analysis
Get it Down on Paper - Making a Lasting Impression... / Analysis of Early Printing Using the Latest Technological Advances
Manfred Kässens
Seite 050

Automation of Whole Body Imaging of GFP-Expressing Tumors in Living Animals
Annette Bakker, Wim Floren, Jan Voeten, Boud Janssens, Gerda Smets, Walter Wouters, Michel Janicot
Seite 052



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