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Imaging & Microscopy 4, 2007

Publishing Date: 22.11.2007

Nobel Prize for Surface Scientist Gerhard Ertl
T. Matzelle, Dr. M. Friedrich, GIT VERLAG
page 1

News from EMS
EMS Newsletter 20, October 2007
Prof. Dr. D. Schryvers, Electron Microscopy for Materials Science (EMAT), University of Antwerp, B
page 10

RMS im Focus
The RMS - Access and Progression...
...From the Cradle (Well Almost!)
A. Winton, Royal Microscopical Society, UK
page 12

Organizing ELMI 2008 has already started
Dr. M. Friedrich, GIT VERLAG, G
page 13

Focus on Microscopy 2008, April 13-16
Osaka-Awaji, Japan
Prof. Dr. G.J. Brakenhoff, University of Amsterdam, NL
page 16

Event Report
See You Later Alligator
Microscopy and Microanalysis 2007, Fort Lauderdale
Dr. M. Friedrich, GIT VERLAG, G
page 18

At the Region of Former Ironworks
Microscopy Conference (MC) 2007
Prof. Dr. P. Mestres-Ventura, Prof. Dr. U. Hartmann, University of Saarland, G
page 22

Electron Microscopy
Enabling 3D TEM/STEM of Nanoparticles
Functionalized Holders for 3D Electron Microscopy
Dr. K. Jarausch, Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., CA, USA
page 24

Verifying Engineering at the Nanoscale
Electron Microscopy and Drug Delivery
Dr. I. F. Uchegbu, School of Pharmacy, University of London, UK
page 28

Cryo Electron Tomography
Unique Capability for Structural Biological Investigations
M. Harris, FEI Company, NL
page 31

Scanning Section
Ultrafast Confocal Raman Imaging
Acquiring Spectra in a Few Milliseconds with Improved Sensitivity
H. Fischer et al., Witec, G
page 34

Ultrasonic Machining at the Nanometer Scale
Ultrasaound Facilitates Nanolithography and Nanomanipultaion
Dr. M. Teresa Cuberes, Laboratorio de Nanotécnicas, UCLM, ES
page 36

3D Orientation Microscopy
Electron Backscatter Diffraction in a Combined FIB/SEM
Stuart I. Wright, EDAX-TSL, Draper, Utah, USA
page 40

Combining Optical Upright Microscopy and AFM
Working with the Biomaterial Workstation BioMAT
J. Barner, JPK, G
page 42

Microscopy Facilities
Cancer Research in Glasgow
The Beatson Advanced Imaging Resource (BAIR)
Dr. K. I. Anderson, Beatson Research Center, UK
page 44

Cover Story
The "F-Words"
FRET, FRAP, and FISH - Technology and Techniques
K. Garsha, Photometrics, AZ, USA
page 46

Light Microscopy
Systematic Analysis of FRAP Experiments
An Approach for the Evaluation of Spatially Resolved Data
Dr. S. Seiffert, Clausthal University of Technology, D
page 48

Wide-field CARS microscopy
Functional Imaging at a Glimpse
Prof. Dr. M.A.M. Ritsch-Marte, Medizinische Universität Innsbruck, AT
page 52

Next Generation Light Sources for Imaging
Fibre Lasers - Compact, Cost-Effective, Turnkey Solutions
J. Clowes, Fianium, UK
page 55

Microscopy Series on Digital Materials Analysis
Fundamental Knowledge
Part 2
M. Kässens, Olympus, D
page 58

Image Processing
Air Quality Control for Hazardous Bio-Material
Automatic Probe Handling, Image Acquisition and Image Analysis
Dr. P. Perner, Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences, G
page 62

Review Light Microscopy
Agar Scientific for all your microscopy accessories and consumable needs
Agar Scientific
page 64

Notes from Nikon
Controlled Light Exposure Microscopy
Minimising Phototoxicity and Photobleaching in Live Cell Fluorescence Imaging
M. Balzar, Nikon Instruments Europe BV, NL
page 68

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