Dec. 04, 2019

3rd NanoScientific Forum Europe on September 23-25, 2020 at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

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  • Prof. Kim McKelvey, School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin
  • Science Gallery Dublin, Venue NSFE 2020

The 3rd NanoScientific Forum Europe (NSFE 2020) will be hosted by Prof. Kim McKelvey, School of Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin, and by Prof. Brian Rodriguez, School of Physics at University College Dublin. The event is co-hosted and supported by AMBER, Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research Centre Dublin.

After the successful first and second NSFE editions (TU Freiberg, Germany and University of Bologna, Italy) we are proud to invite scientists and researchers working in the field of Atomic Force Microscopy to NSFE 2020 in magnificent Dublin! The scientific focus will be laid on nanoscale functional materials, such as organics, organic/inorganic hybrid semiconductors, nano- and biomaterials, as well as the development of novel nanometrology methods.

“The Nanoscientific Forum gives us a great opportunity to present our cutting-edge electrochemical scanning probe techniques. With these new techniques we aim to improve the resolution and functionality of electrochemical scanning probe microscopy (EC-SPM), and help understand the relationships between surface structure and electrocatalytic activity in energy conversion and storage systems. I’m very excited to have this honor to host and welcome other scientists from across the scanning probe field and hear about their exciting research, ” proudly comments Kim McKelvey, Trinity College Dublin.

"We are so glad to see that the tradition of nanoscientific events, initiated by Park Systems 2 years ago, has met such a great resonance in the European scientific world. For the 3rd time the forum will be hosted by 2 great scientists, Kim McKelvey and Brain Rodriguez from Dublin College. It is a pleasure to see how this platform to exchange research has grown over those years and has joint the AFM community of Europe,” enthusiastically adds Ludger Weisser, the General Manager of Park Systems Europe.

The NSFE 2020 will included keynote lectures on different AFM applications, poster sessions and contributed lectures enabling young scientists to present their research projects, live hands-on-sessions on Park Systems AFM instruments, where you can learn the tips and tricks on various AFM techniques, and an exciting social program.

For more information contact:

 Justyna Sliwa, Conference Organizer / +49 (0) 621 490896-50

Sponsored by Park Systems and NanoScientific Journal, NanoScientific conferences are offered world-wide to showcase advanced AFM applications and methodology, creating a link between research needs and technological solutions, driven by voice from the field.


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