Apr. 02, 2012

Bruker Acquires SkyScan

Bruker Corporation announced that it has acquired all of the shares of SkyScan N.V., a scientific instruments company located near Antwerp, Belgium. Financial details were not disclosed. For the remainder for 2012, the acquisition of SkyScan is expected to add approximately US-$ 13 million to Bruker's revenue and to be accretive to EPS by about US-$ 0.01. SkyScan's revenue is derived approximately 50% from materials science and 50% from life science and preclinical imaging applications.

SkyScan develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide high-resolution micro computed tomography (CT) systems for three-dimensional (3D) X-ray imaging. SkyScan's micro-CT instruments can be configured for numerous applications in materials research and in the life sciences, including in vivo preclinical animal imaging, in vitro bone and soft tissue imaging, 3D imaging of electronic components, synthetic materials, new devices such as microsensors and cardio-stimulators, geological samples, fuel cell components, ceramics, and more.

Following the acquisition, the company has been renamed Bruker microCT N.V., and will continue to operate from the company-owned premises in Belgium under its previous management. The new Bruker microCT business will continue to produce all micro-CT instruments under the SkyScan brand, and will provide enhanced global support for the installed worldwide base of SkyScan.

With global Bruker distribution and customer service capabilities for materials research, preclinical imaging, and SEM accessories, the Bruker microCT business is now well positioned to drive the further profitable growth of the SkyScan 3D micro-CT imaging products. In addition, most successful SkyScan distributors will be able to continue to distribute SkyScan products in their countries or market segments. Bruker intends to invest in additional micro-CT applications and demo centers to further enhance customer collaborations and support worldwide.



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