Feb. 13, 2017

Bruker Announces Acquisition of Hysitron

Bruker announced that it has acquired Hysitron, Inc., a technology company in the development, manufacture, and sale of nanomechanical test instrumentation.

The acquisition adds Hysitron’s nanomechanical testing instruments to Bruker’s existing portfolio of atomic force microscopes (AFMs), surface profilometers, and tribology and mechanical testing systems. Hysitron’s 2016 revenues were approximately $20 million. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, privately-held Hysitron has pioneered solutions to measure mechanical properties of materials at the nanoscale since 1992. Its industry-leading nanoindentation products are used by academic and industrial researchers and engineers in materials science, the life sciences, and semiconductor applications. In addition to nanoindentation and microindentation, Hysitron's instrument capabilities include tribology, modulus mapping, dynamic mechanical analysis, and in situ SEM (scanning electron) and TEM (transmission electron) nanomechanical testing.

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