Nov. 03, 2019

EMC2020: The Countdown Has Begun

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 23-28, 2020

  • Image credit: Thomas Høyrup Christensen/Copenhagen Media CenterImage credit: Thomas Høyrup Christensen/Copenhagen Media Center
  • Image credit: Thomas Høyrup Christensen/Copenhagen Media Center

The countdown to the European Microscopy Congress 2020 (EMC2020) has begun. The RMS catches-up with Professor Klaus Qvortrup, Chair of the EMC2020 Executive Board. Understandably, he is looking forward to the event.

He said, "I am very excited ahead of EMC2020. I have worked in Copenhagen most of my life and I have always wanted to see it host an international conference like this. Scandem has a rich history of developing and supporting microscopy. It is the first time since the inaugural congress in 1956 that the event will return to Scandinavia. By bringing it to Denmark we can share our enthusiasm for our subject with the whole community, and welcome delegates to an historic and beautiful city."

Putting together a bid to stage such an event relies on ambition and commitment. The scientific content defines a congress, and the availability of a good venue helps to create the lasting memory. Klaus is confident that this latter point is safely in hand.

"The Bella Conference Centre is an ideal venue,” he said. “Its layout gives us a lot of freedom when considering parallel scientific sessions, associated workshops, and what promises to be Europe's largest exhibition dedicated to microscopy and imaging. It is just minutes from the heart of Copenhagen. Delegates will have so much choice as to how and where they spend their time. I defy anyone not to enjoy their time here. "

On the subject of the scientific content, Klaus is equally positive. He said, "I believe that we have produced a balanced conference programme covering both life sciences and materials sciences, as well as light and electron microscopy and all other microscopies. In addition, we have assembled an unparalleled list of Plenary and Invited speakers, and I am confident that the programme of submitted talks will complement them perfectly. Our Session Chairs are looking forward to putting together a programme that will prove irresistible to anyone who is thinking of coming."

The economics of a large-scale congress rely on strong support from the commercial side of microscopy. This brings another dimension to the event. Klaus is a strong believer that delegates and companies gain hugely from coming together. 

"A great feature of the Congress is the support it receives from exhibitors.

We are anticipating a great exhibition with every major manufacturer and supplier present. We know that they will make every effort to have great kit on show. This provides such a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see and try equipment at first hand. I do think that some people underestimate the learning opportunity that an exhibition like this provides, and I would encourage everyone to take the time to visit.”

With the enthusiasm he has for the event, it is not surprising that Klaus wants to welcome the whole community to Copenhagen.

He said, "It is great that the countdown has begun. A superb scientific programme is available, and abstract submission is open. I believe that if you are actively involved in microscopy then EMC2020 provides an unrivalled opportunity to present your work to an international audience. I would advise you to start planning your visit and think about what you want to get from the event. Even more importantly, I would ask you to consider how you can add to EMC2020 and play your part in its success.”

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