Apr. 15, 2013

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT Trade Show in Switzerland

The EPHJ-EPMT-SMT Trade Show, created in 2002 and taking place from 11-14 June 2013 at Palexpo Geneva (Switzerland), hosts exhibitors who specialize in supplying the watchmaking-jewelry, microtechnology and medtech sectors. It provides professionals from these industries - both exhibitors and visitors - with a platform which perfectly matches their requirements and their desire to develop business together. As well as offering exhibitors an outstanding showcase, the show also gives exhibitors a possibility to present their companies, products and services to public authorities, economic and academic partners, and the media.

In the last ten years, an event which is hugely popular with its participants, has become Switzerland's most important annual trade show, attracting nearly 700 exhibitors and some 15,000 professional visitors.

The show comprises three complementary areas:

• Since 2002 EPHJ (Professional Watchmaking-Jewellery Environment) has been hosting trades and companies working upstream or downstream of the finished watchmaking-jewelry product, in fields including Training, Creation, Design, CAD, Raw Materials, Machinery, Tooling, Production, Microtechniques, Control Devices, Components, Packaging, Displays, Management, Marketing, Communication, Consultancy and Services.

• Since 2007 EPMT (Professional MicroTechnology Environment) has been attracting Swiss and international companies working in micro- and nanotechnology in all fields of application, including Watchmaking, Aeronautics, Automotive, Metrology, Optics/Photonics, Automation and Robotics.

• Since 2011 SMT (Swiss Medical Technologies) has been bringing together specialists in the medical device industry and all trades involved in production line for medical processes and technologies (including Dentistry and Orthopaedics).

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