Nov. 29, 2019

Euro-BioImaging Esatblished

A European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC)

On 29 October 2019, the European Commission made the decision to officially establish Euro-BioImaging as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). With its ERIC status, Euro-BioImaging is now legally recognized as a European research infrastructure for biological and biomedical imaging, providing life scientists with open access to a broad range of technologies and resources.

Euro-BioImaging ERIC has launched with 15 founding members: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, EMBL, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and the UK. Belgium will participate as an observer.

Henceforth, Finland will host the Statutory Seat, the access gateway, and manage the overall coordination of Euro-BioImaging ERIC, while EMBL will coordinate access to biological imaging, and Italy will coordinate access to biomedical imaging. EMBL will also coordinate Euro-BioImaging’s data services via the BioImage Archive to store and share imaging data.

The next step is the first Euro-BioImaging Board meeting in Helsinki, which brings together the representatives from the 15 founding members and is scheduled for December 2019. Here, the decision-makers on the Board will truly kick-off Euro-BioImaging operation.

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