Nov. 07, 2019

Expert-Webinar: The Latest Techniques for 3D Mineralogy, Crystallography and Structural Analysis Using X-ray Microscopy

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Geological microanalysis has the potential of shedding light into applications ranging from igneous and metamorphic petrology, mineral formation processes, paleontology, through to industrially applied geological fields.

Most of the analysis, however, is done in 2D, either using traditional optical petrography techniques, or electron microscope based automated mineralogy.

This webinar presented by Wiley and Zeiss, will showcase recent developments in the field of Geoscience using X-ray microscopy:


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Some of your key learnings will be:

  • How multiscale tomography has enabled recent paleontological studies
  • How In situ techniques have transformed our understanding of processes
  • How imaging techniques can be integrated with machine learning to enable 3D descriptions of mineralogy


The webinar will also feature Dr. Matthew Pankhurst, who will discuss recent work published in the mineralogical magazine, showing how diffraction imaging can be used to reconstruct crystal orientation using Diffraction Contrast Tomography (DCT).



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