Jul. 01, 2007

Giovanni Valdrè: Imaging & Microscopy Welcomes New Advisor

Giovanni Valdrè: Imaging & Microscopy Welcomes New Advisor - The Imaging & Microscopy Advisory Board serves as a guardian for the journals scientific quality. In the most general term it is a sounding board and a conscience. The Imaging & Microscopy team is proud to introduce a new member of the advisory board:

Giovanni Valdrè gained the "Laurea" in Physics from the University of Bologna, Italy, discussing a thesis on Electron Energy Loss and X-ray Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy. Then he specialised in Electron Microscopy and Crystallography at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK, where he received the Master of Philosophy Degree and the PhD in Physics. He was then made Chartered Engineer from the Engineering Council, London, UK.

His work at the Cavendish Lab was focused on the characterisation of nanostructured materials by means of electron and scanning probe microscopy techniques (TEM, STEM, PEELS, EDS, ESEM, AFM-SPM).

He was Visiting Scientist at the Joint Research Center of Ispra, continuing the research and dealing with a network on nanostructured materials of various nature (nanometals, nanostructured biomaterials and biominerals).

Today, Giovanni Valdrè is at the Department of Earth and Geo-Environmental Sciences of the University of Bologna, Italy, where he lectures on Mineral Materials Sciences in the Faculty of Sciences and on Biomaterials for the Faculty of Engineering.

Dr Valdrè authored and co-authored more than 110 international papers, and about 200 national and international conference proceedings. He is author of university text books on Measurement Methodologies.

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