Nov. 02, 2011

Imaging & Microscopy, 4/2007 part 1 - now available online

Lasers Fabricated by Nanoimprint Lithography
Optical Coherence Computed Tomography
Frequency Response of an AFM: Magnetic Excitation vs. Acoustic Excitation
Sample Conductivity's Influence on Oxidation by the Tip of AFM
High-resolution Microscope for Tipenhanced Optical Processes in UHV
UHV Fast-scanning & Variable Temperature STM for Large Scale Imaging
Suppression of Spurious Vibration of Cantilever in AFM
High Resolution Gamma Ray Tomography Scanner
Correction of Axial Geometrical Distortion in Microscopic Images
White Light Confocal Microscope for Spectrally Resolved Multidimensional Imaging
In Vivo Imaging of Hydrogen Peroxide with Chemiluminescent Nanoparticles
3-D Imaging of Liquid Crystals by CARS Microscopy
Direct Measurement of Hydrophobic Forces on Cell Surfaces Using AFM
Multicolor STORM Imaging
Fluorescence Nanoscopy
Correlative 3D LM-EM Imaging of Mitochondria During Apoptosis
Even Illumination Field in Laser TIRF Imaging
Cryo-fluorescence Microscopy
White Light Confocal + Supercontinuum Laser
Focus on Microscopy 2008
Nanosolution Center Opening
European Science Foundation: Collaboration in Medical Imaging
Harvard Apparatus Acquires PanLab
Palm Merged with Carl Zeiss Microimaging
JPK in Asia-Pacific Region
Donal Denvir, Andor Technology: Business & Innovation Gold Medal of the Institute of Physics
EMS Newsletter 20, October 2007
RMS - Access & Progression
R&D 100 Award for Zeiss Electron Microscope
JPK Fastest Growing Nanotech Company
Leica Selling BioSystems Products in Sweden
Syncroscopy's Image Reconstruction Software Auto-Montage Pro Successful in Hospital
Leica to Sell Expression Pathology's Slides
Microscopy Conference (MC) 2007
360° TEM/STEM Nanoanalysis: Functionalized Holders for 3D Electron Microscopy
Verifying Engineering at Nanoscale: Electron Microscopy & Drug Delivery

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