Nov. 02, 2011

Imaging & Microscopy, 4/2007 part 2 - now available online

Cryo Electron Tomography: Unique Capability for Structural Biology Investigations
3D Orientation Microscopy: Electron Backscatter Diffraction in a Combined FIB/SEM

AFM Ultrasonic Nanofabrication: Ultrasound Facilitates Nanolithography & Nanomanipulation

Ultrafast Confocal Raman: Imaging Acquiring Spectra in Milliseconds with Improved Sensitivity

Wide-field CARS-Microscopy: Functional Imaging at a Glimpse

Systematic Analysis of FRAP Experiments: Evaluation of Spatially Resolved Data

Combining Optical Upright Microscopy & AFM: Biomaterial Workstation BioMAT

FRET, FRAP, FISH - Technology & Technique

Next Generation Light Sources for Imaging Fibre Lasers - Compact, Cost-Effective, Turnkey Solutions

Air Quality Control for Hazardous Bio-Material Automatic Probe Handling, Image Acquisition & Image Analysis

CLEM Minimising Phototoxicity & Photobleaching in Live Cell Fluorescence Imaging

Creating Individual Filtersets

Precis Excite, Nikon & Cool-LED: Flourescence Microscope LED Light-source
Omega Optical Catalog of Fluorescence Filter Sets
Semrock Optical Filters
Fusion Microslides for Hybridoma Production
Machine Vision Illuminator: Fiber-Lite DC950H Machine Vision Fiber Optic Illuminator for machine vision integrators
Confocal Raman Imaging Option
Photo-Bleaching & Photo- Activation
Continuous Wave Laser
Media Cybernetics Image Asset Management Solution IQbase 2.5
Intuitive Smart Camera/Software Package - Without Programming
Digital Pathology Solution: Image Solutions' "Tissue-Mine"
Cantega G2 TEM Camera at M&M
Board Level Camera C10000 TDI
IDS Achieves Excellent Test Results
Fei Ultra-high Resolution Titan
Centra 100, Carl Zeiss SMT: Transmission Electron Microscope
Omniprobe Acquires Assets of Ascend Instruments
Genesis EDS Microanalysis Software
Stereo Discovery V20 Stereo Microscope
Fluo-LED, Olympus: LED light sources
Leica DMI3000 B Inverted Microscope for Live Cell Imaging
BioStation CT: Live Cell Care

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