Sep. 16, 2018

NanoScientific Forum Europe NSFE 2018

Open AFM User Meeting

  • 2018 Nanoscientific Forum Europe, 10-12 October, Freiberg, Germany2018 Nanoscientific Forum Europe, 10-12 October, Freiberg, Germany

The NanoScientific Forum Europe (NSFE 2018) is an exciting new opportunity for scientists to present their latest AFM/SPM research papers to leading researchers and peers from both academia and industry.

The 2,5 day event starting on October 10, 2018 until October 12, 2018 will include keynote speakers from Max Planck Institute, Technical University Dresden, KU Leuven, Cambridge University, University of Bologna and CPN-ISMN, covering topics including geosciences and sustainable energy applications, polymers and composites, nanoelectronics, photonics, nanomaterials and will showcase advanced AFM methods for nanomechanical and electrical characterization and in aqueous solution.

A special session on "nanobubbles" will be featured during the forum as a flagship project of TU Freiberg and Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology. ”We are more than happy to use this opportunity to show to a broad AFM public our special activities, which connect "nanobubbles" to technological applications, which to a large extent is enabled by the application of the AFM methodology and technology," commented the host of NSFE, Prof. Urs Peuker, TU Freiberg.

The event includes lectures on both, AFM application and methodology, hands-on-sessions with live AFM demonstrations of high resolution AFM images, as well as exciting social program with a Gala Dinner "Fusing Science & People", a special Tour & Party Discovering Natural Treasures.

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