Mar. 04, 2011

Nanosurf and Zurich Instruments Announce Partnership

Nanosurf and Zurich Instruments has announced the start of a strategic technology partnership to develop ease of use high-performance scanning probe microscopes:

Nanosurf will propose the Zurich Instruments 50 MHz PLL as upgrade path to its easyPLL and easyPLL plus platform, thereby granting Zurich Instruments immediate access to its large community of PLL users

Nanosurf will continue to develop SPM controllers for its products, which will feature compatibility to Zurich Instruments PLLs for a seamless integration. Customers of Nanosurf will profit from known product performance and reliability, and - additionally - from the performance boost provided by Zurich Instruments technology.

This cooperation agreement matches two companies with complementary capabilities in a joint strategy to provide value-added solutions to customers.

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