May. 18, 2017

NEUBIAS Image Analysis School - Application Deadline 26 May

Gothenburg, Sweden, September 11-14, 2017

NEUBIAS, the Network of European BioImage Analysts, announces two new Training Schools on BioImage Analysis: One for Early Career Investigators (life scientists) and the second for Facility staff (imaging & analysis staff). The focus of training will be on construction and automation of Image Analysis workflows, using as examples more than one toolbox and different exercises. The schools will be held in Gothenburg 11-14th of September 2017, hosted by the Centre for Cellular Imaging – Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

NEUBIAS schools are an excellent opportunity to learn from many experts in bioimage analysis (we are expecting ~40 specialists at the event) and “….a great mix of intensive learning and community networking” (former trainee testimonial!).
– applications for Gothenburg are now open (each school has 25 available seats and 10-12 trainers).
– Within the COST framework, a few travel grants are offered to applicants who qualify.
– Registration deadline: 26th of May, 2017 (must submit also “letter of motivation”).
– Selection notification: 1st week of June 2017.


- Principles, techniques and ethics of digital image processing (DIP); publication of bioimages.
- Building practical workflows to analyse 2D, 3D & time-lapse bioimages (eg. object segmentation and densitometry, spot detection & tracking or filament tracing)
- Introduction to workflow automation: record & reuse commands, scripting of workflows/pipelines NOTE – if you work on an imaging facility and are already familiar with the basics of DIP & analysis check the school for “Staff” in the same dates & venue, which is focused on scripting of workflows.
- Extracting and validating quantitative numerical data from bioimages
- Solve your own DIP&A problem, code your workflow and explore different tools with help from Analysts

More information about schools (programme & trainers) and venue, travel & lodge available here

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