Aug. 07, 2017

Olympus Image of the Year Award

Olympus is celebrating art in science with a competition to find the best light microscopy images taken in the EMEA region this year. For the chance to win a microscope, applicants can simply submit their best life science light microscopy images taken with Olympus equipment to the campaign website.

Olympus’ Image of the Year European Life Science Light Microscopy Award recognizes the very best in life science imaging. By uploading images on, participants can win an SZ51 zoom stereo microscope, a CX23 brightfield biological microscope or a Pen E-PL8 interchangeable lens camera.

The competition will run from July to the end of October 2017. A jury, consisting of representatives from science and the arts, will be judging the images. All entries will be evaluated based on artistic and visual aspects, scientific impact, and microscope proficiency.

More informazion and uploading images:

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