Feb. 25, 2019

SCANDEM 2019 Conference – From Atoms to Complex Systems

Gothenburg, Sweden, June 11-14, 2019

  • SCANDEM2019 is organised in Gothenburg, June 11-14, 2019.SCANDEM2019 is organised in Gothenburg, June 11-14, 2019.

Recent technological innovations have led to a revolution in advanced microscopy, which has greatly increased the demand for high-end microscopes in both Life and Materials Sciences! SCANDEM 2019, the 70th annual meeting of the Nordic Microscopy Society, is designed to bring experts, researchers, technicians and exhibitors together from different imaging modalities in Life and Material Sciences to stimulate knowledge exchange and the formation of new collaborations. No matter where you are in your career, participating at this conference will allow you to stay abreast of new imaging technologies, learn new techniques, and most importantly, network with colleagues and make new connections.

In the area of the Life Sciences, innovative imaging technologies enables the in-depth understanding of the basic concept of life by allowing researchers to visualize, characterize and measure molecular and cellular function with a precision never reached before, exemplify by two recent Nobel Prizes for super-resolution and cryo-electron microscopy. These technologies allow breakthrough biological discoveries in cells and animal models and their translation into biomedicine. The ability to observe molecules in their natural environment with nanometer resolution by 3D high-resolution light microscopy, combined with the power of 3D electron and/or cryo-electron microscopy, enables us to directly see how molecular machines carry out the basic functions of life, giving us the power to understand and rationally intervene with new strategies for treating human diseases. This allows direct translation of basic biological discoveries in cells into animal models of human disease and finally into patient care.

In the area of the Materials Science, electron microscopy (EM) is the only technique available that can image the atomic structure of materials with (sub) nanometer resolution. Using analytical tools, also the chemical composition and electronic properties can also be mapped in 2D or in 3D at the nanometer scale. These detailed characterizations are of major importance to research fields such as the geosciences, catalysis and semiconductors (hard matter), to polymeric, tissue regeneration and foods materials (soft matter), and materials based on colloids (where soft and hard matter meet).

EM is also essential for the rapid current developments in nanotechnology. As nanoparticles are key to the development of photovoltaic applications (solar cells, display technology) and for the conversion of sustainable feedstocks such as biomass to chemicals and transportation fuels. Transmission EMs are applied in current electronics research, resolving crucial details about single-atom defects that affect the functionality of the electronic devices. Using in situ TEM we can now study, in real time, the phase transformation processes occurring in metals that directly relate to their mechanical or electronic properties.

The SCANDEM 2019 program will offer an attractive combination of lectures and poster sessions from electron and light microscopy, X-ray to image analysis, with poster presenters selected for short talks. It will also provide excellent opportunities for discussions and informal gatherings. Take the opportunity to challenge your brain, create a new network, and maintain existing relations! The parallel sessions will cover the following topics within imaging research: Imaging across scales/multimodal Microscopy (Correlative microscopy, cryo-EM, X-rays, Imaging Mass Spectrometry, etc.); Vibrational & Nonlinear Microscopy; Live & Fast super-resolution microscopy – Frontiers in imaging of ultrafast processes; Molecular and Functional Imaging; Quantitative high spatial resolution spectroscopy; In situ Microscopy; Artificial Intelligence and data analysis. We hope that you will be able to join us in Gothenburg for what is certain to be a very exciting and educational meeting.

On behalf of the entire organization committee we are looking forward to host you during the brightest time of the year around the Swedish midsummer. We wish you a wonderful stay in Gothenburg!

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