Oct. 23, 2009

World’s Fastest Optical Microscope Chosen as Best Business Idea

  • Prof. Christoph Cremer (University of Heidelberg) with the bw:con Award (Source: EML)Prof. Christoph Cremer (University of Heidelberg) with the bw:con Award (Source: EML)

A jury of four top-level IT-decision makers has chosen the best business idea at the 8th Heidelberg Innovation Forum on October 20th 2009. The winner was Professor Christoph Cremer of the Kirchhoff-Institute for physics in Heidelberg, Germany. He received the bwcon Award "Best Business Idea" of the Business Initiative Baden-Wuerttemberg: Connected for his innovation: the currently fastest optical microscope for the three-dimensional analysis of whole cells in nanometre range. It overcomes the conventional limit of resolution in microscopy that was hitherto considered to be certain.
The Heidelberg Innovation Forum provided a concise overview of visualization and simulation technologies for manifold application areas for investors and decision-makers from the industry.
33 researchers, developers and founders not only had to stand their ground in front of the specialist audience of the matchmaking-event that was organised by the MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg and the European Media Laboratory but also had to face the vote of the jury of four experts.


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