Array Tomography


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this special newsletter focuses on "Array Tomography", a method established by Stephen J. Smith at Stanford University in 2007.  

Array tomography is a 3D image reconstruction technique for biological specimens. It involves the imaging of ordered arrays of ultrathin serial sections with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) or confocal light microscopy and enables high resolution, quantitative analysis of biological structures. Array tomography offers higher spatial resolution than conventional confocal microscopy. The method can reveal additional information of cellular and protein structures to clarify poorly understood or unresolved features.

To obtain excellent results with array tomography in a timely manner, it is crucial to create ultrathin, consistent, and correctly ordered ribbons efficiently. Read more about this below.

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Webinar: Array Tomography for SEM 3D Reconstruction


Array tomography (AT) is a 3D image reconstruction technique for high resolution, quantitative analysis of biological structures. For optimal results, ultrathin and ordered sections are an absolute requirement. Join this live webinar and ...


Fast, Precise Serial Sectioning for Array Tomography


Video showing the serial sectioning of mouse lymph nodes with the the ARTOS 3D and the generation of 3D images using array tomography. The video is also available here.




Faster 3D Imaging of Cellular and Protein Structures


An application note is now available which explains how you can better optimize your array tomography workflow using an automated serial sectioning solution, like the ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome from Leica Microsystems. Want to learn more ...


Answering the FAQs of Array Tomography

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Creating Serial Ultrathin Sections for SEM Array Tomography

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Correlative Microscopy Using SEM Array Tomography

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Simplify your Preparation for Array Tomography


The ARTOS 3D (ARray TOmography Solution) automatically creates and collects hundreds of serial-section ribbons all ready for array tomography with your scanning electron microscope (SEM). Save time and effort in biological sample ...

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