The new book "Bioimage Data Analysis", edited by Kota Miura, is now available for download free of charge.
Bioimage Data Analysis provides detailed explanations and example workflows of combining various image processing algorithms to construct practical workflows using scripting.

We are planning to provide “continuous release” versions of the textbook. Because the contents of our textbook are exploratory attempts and at the same time the scene of bioimage analysis is evolving on a daily basis, we are quite sure that we need to continuously update the text. In between the “stable releases” as a traditional form of “editions”, we will provide incremental updates as “continuous release” of each chapter, not to lag behind the scene and to promote this textbook as a platform for communication between author and readers. Lastly, this textbook will be released as an open textbook and its electronic version is free of charge. This became available with the support and collaborations with Olympus and Wiley.

Please read our previews on content and structure of the book by clicking on one of the "Chapter" entries at "Applications" followed by a click on "Read Whitepaper". 

The Table of Content and the Index of the book are also available for download here.

If you have any questions regarding a chapter, please feel free to email the authors of Bioimage Data Analysis via the page of the contribution